Let The Truth Be Told

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Let the Truth be Told The silence was cut by a painful scream. I sat up alone on an unfamiliar bed, my warm cheeks evaporated the tears that rushed down my face. My two month vacation at Mexico in the summer of 2009 would change my childhood understanding of loss. I stayed at my grandparent 's two story house where I slept alone in one room and next to that room my mom and sibling 's slept. Through the window that connected the two rooms I watched my mom cry uncontrollably. She had her hand over her chest and yelled, "No puede ser!" My cousin, Vanessa, calmly stood in front of my devastated mother and told her about the horrible car accident her sister got into. There was an ache in my chest that I had never felt before; I tried my …show more content…

My grandma 's love for my cousin was special and she needed to be next to Claribel. My grandpa had no other choice than to follow along and jump into his red expedition. There were only two possible hospitals that Claribel could be in. My grandpa drove to the nearest hospital and my grandma would constantly yell at him to drive faster. He parked the car and my grandma demanded my grandpa to check if Claribel was a patient. He did as told and we patiently waited in the car for him to come back. As he walked back and opened the car door, my grandpa immediately told us that Claribel was not there. I was feeling a bit nervous as we started heading out to the only other hospital in town. This time when my grandpa parked the car my grandma insisted that she and I check. I moved swiftly and carefully to get her out of the Ford red Expedition. I locked my arm with hers and we walked to the small entrance of the hospital. I noticed the fluid movement of nurses and people walking in and out of the hospital as we approached the front desk to ask for information on my cousin. "Estoy buscando a mi nieta," my grandma calmly spoke, "ella estuvo en un accidente feo." "Como se llama?" questioned the lady. "Claribel Ramos" "Lo sentimos no tenemos ninguna información" "Como es que no sabes, la quiero ver." I stood shyly as I listened to them argue. I did not know how to ease the situation. A nurse happened to

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