Essay on Let's End the Pain and Suffering of Racism

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Does this fit feel alright? Dennis asked the little boy, he nodded. Thank you, said his mother, come on Michael lets go the check out. Dennis got up and headed back to his post. “Dennis to the manager’s office,” came on the shoes store intercom. Dennis sighed and headed to Mr. Bleaks office. Good evening Mr. Bleak, Dennis greeted his boss. Hello Dennis, take a seat. I called you in here to let to tell you now that today is your last day working here; I’m going to have to let you go. What, why?! Because you are stealing shoes, said Mr. Bleak. No, I never stolen anything, I swear. No, use lying Dennis, you’re lucky I’m not calling the cops. Just collect your things and get out of my store. I can’t believe this, Dennis muttered on his way …show more content…

Another problem society faces this age and time is vanity. People are so obsessed with looks that it is destroying lives. People become shallow and believe that the way they look is more important than their character. Serous psychological disorders can develop from this attitude. People develop eating disorders and sometimes even commit suicide if they think they’re “ugly.” In America vanity is just as much of a disease as racism.
Teenagers have the biggest problem of vanity in America. Not only do they deal with the stress of grades and family life. Add the desperation to look good, in order to become popular and get a Boyfriend/Girlfriend it’s no wonder that 1 in 12 teenagers attempt suicide (Neal). I believe that if we could end vanity these numbers would reduce substantially.
But how can society prevent something like racism and vanity? These believes are usually taught by parents or peers to children, and really it’s impossible to control what parents teach their own children. We cannot monitor what a mother tells her children in her own home. We do not want to live in an Orwellian form of government. So government interference simply will not do.

My solution to end the problems of racism and vanity in America is simple. I purpose that we surgically blind all children upon birth. A racist person cannot oppress someone if they don’t know what race they are, which would make racism impossible. Also people will not be able to judge one another if they

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