Let's Move Initiative Case Study

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Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative Millions of people, both children and adults are plagued with obesity. In 2007, approximately 22 million children under 5 were overweight (Kipping, Russell, & Lawlor, 2008). This is a global concern. According Singh1, Shiapush & Kogan (2010), childhood obesity has been on the up-rise in the past few decades; therefore, pushing it to the top of the list as one of public health major concerns. In 2010, Michelle Obama initiated a movement to help fight the war against childhood obesity. This effort was in hope of reaching an entire generation so that they could be afforded the best opportunity to live a prosperous and healthy life. The projected goals were to change the attitudes and perceptions of a whole generation by changing how they view food and nutrition. According to Let’s Move! (n.d.), Michelle Obama proposed that these goals could be reached by doing five important things.
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Access to affordable healthy food.
5. Physical Activities. This movement by Michelle Obama inspired the President to sign a Presidential Memorandum which led to the first Task Force on Childhood Obesity. This Task Force did a systematic review on every program and policy on childhood obesity and activities. The recommendation from the Task Force coincided with the First Lady Michelle Obama’s movement against childhood obesity. This was a part of President Obama’s National Action Plan (Let’s Move! n. d.). The Task Force came up with a collaborative plan that was organized, had measurable standards, and a plan of action to help fight the war against obesity. Their projected goal was to decrease obesity to 5% by 2030. (Let’s Move! n.d.). In order to achieve this goal it will require a joint effort from elected officials on the local, state and national level. The professionals, religious organizations, families, communities and the private sectors all have to participate in this effort in order for it to become a

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