Letter From A Soldier's Position At The Western Front

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Dearest Mother, After finishing my training at specialist camp thousands of soldiers including me were taken to this new place known as western front. And you might not like it but the French are going to fight the Germans with our help. That is the reason I wasn’t able to write in such a long period of time and still didn’t had time but was forced by Albert. Nowadays, he is working at the anti-aircraft station shooting down enemy blimps. This gives us time to prepare ourself for the attack and plan our strategy. From the last couple of months the tunnelers are at great risk. They have to dig trenches and underground tunnels under the enemy base to plant bobby-tramps and mines. Once the mines were set off, they left the enemy in total confusion. If the men in the saps detected a tunnel being dug, they would have to stop the enemy from setting the mines. To stop the explosives from being placed and triggered, they would send a counter-mining team, which would dig its way…show more content…
I want him to fight along with me not just for protection but for motivation and for me to experience the honour of dying for a true friend. I almost forgot Albert's mother will be coming over to stay with you. Albert told me that where she lives is a place not to be seen. So, I gave him your our house address. She might be there in a couple of months and her name is Angela Mackson. I thought that as a friend to friend and a brother to brother connection I can at least do this much for Albert and his mother. It is getting pretty dark here and I should now go to sleep now. And I hope you take care, Oh no Oh no Oh no! Mother I think that the Germans just attacked us. I better go wake up everyone. I AM SO SORRY. I think artillery bombardment started and I see troops rushing towards us. -_I/”’; 0a!)*#&! (shellshocked). Your son at war,
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