Letter From Birmingham Jail Analysis

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In the “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, written by Martin Luther King Jr., King addresses the issue of “nobodiness”, a degrading feeling which felt by the disenfranchised and minorities how feel as if they do not belong anywhere in the world. Although the letter was written more than fifty years ago, the same feeling of despair felt by those who see themselves as nobodies is quite relevant. In today’s society, a group of people who can be seen as a nobodies, those who society as a whole has decided to turn away from and view as lazy and disgusting are homeless people, especially those who live in large areas and cities. Often, homeless people are seen as nuisances rather than actual human beings who are need of help at a low point in their just as almost humans have experiences a low point. Instead of being helped, they are ignored and ridiculed for the position that they are in, something they likely had no control over. Likewise, King speaks about the use of tension in the slowly, but surely solve problems not only in the United States, but the world and how effective nonviolent measures can be. In his letter, King speaks about the idea of nobodies in society as well as the use of nonviolent tension to create a revolutionary thinking. Homeless is less of a inconvenience and a slight annoyance for many people as they smell an odor as they walk down the street, but more of an ever-growing epidemic which is beginning to affect more each day. In his letter, King states,

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