The Problem Of Homeless People

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In today 's falling economy, homelessness is something seen on every street-corner of the big cities. Begging for money isn 't uncommon, and the more that stocks fall and the more money we spend on this war, the likelihood of an American of any income class becoming homeless grows within every passing day. Although the problems of homeless individuals, who struggle in the real world with nothing, the government should intervene within the population of homeless people because within every passing day numerous of less fortunate people has nothing but to spend their lives on the street. Though the problem associated with meeting the needs of homeless people, the situation has worsened to such a degree in the last ten years that it’s obviously now economic problem that our government is trying to write off. Ironically, as the number of homeless families increase across the country, so do the corporate profits. Whether or not, society agree that corporation held responsible, the problem of homeless people keeps growing in America because the city council don’t have the willpower simply do anything. Instead, the city council continued to making the problem grow rapidly. In “Our Tired, Our Poor,Our Kids” by Anna Quindlen, “The result is that if you are evicted for falling behind rent, if there is a bureaucratic foul up in your welfare check or the factory in which you work shut down, the chances of finding another place to live are very small indeed.” (Quindlen 333), indicates
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