Letter From Birmingham Jail By Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The two sections we have been reading over were "I have a Dream” and “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. Both readings are by Martin Luther King, Jr. They are different in the aspect of the way it was written but they both made people inspired and motivated to make change happen. They are more similar than different because in both of the readings he talks about equal rights for the blacks and how they need to keep fighting. However, the two are still different in the aspect that the “I Have a Dream Speech” was more to emotion and the “Letter from Birmingham” was more logical.
In the “I have a dream” speech he tells the people that everyone is created equal and that they should have the same rights as everyone else. During his speech he used an analogy of the people “cashing in their checks”. When he said this he was saying the United States has promised something to African Americans, which was equality and freedom. But when they came to cash there check they didn't get what they deserved and have been waiting for. When King talked about all the terrible things the blacks have been put through just to try and get the rights they deserve it made many people realize what has been going on cannot keep happening.
In a more logical way the blacks were freed from slavery but they still had to fight for their guaranteed rights by the constitution. They had to keep fighting and protesting in order to receive the rights they have been working so hard for. They had to peacefully protest
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