Letter From Gloria Naylor 's Mama Day

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Gynocentric Granules in Gloria Naylor’s Mama Day Anslin Jegu J., Asst. Prof. of English, Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai. E-mail:
Abstract This paper strews a panoramic view of Gynocentrism as a literary critical theory and its ramification in the form of the human relationship. Gynocentrism is a radical feminist dictum that scrutinizes the identity crises, culture, psychic, and the social consciousness female with the women-centered approach. Gynocentrism is perhaps best conjectured as a traditional phase in
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Gynocentric feminism thus, prompts a vision of femininity and odds with androcentric and misogynist formulations that have traditionally been assigned to women. It extols feminity as a source of values by which, it castigates the androcentric society. Gynocentrism is perhaps best seen as a traditional phase in feminist theory, which capitulates its voice for addressing the wholesale marginalization of women’s voice.
On the contrary to gynocentrism, Elaine Showalter an American critic, feminist and writer quibbles for the realignment of the conceptual standpoints of literary studies by seeing writings of women as primary rather than marginal. She also flicks to identify the aberration in women’s penning and investigates how psychodynamics of female creativity shapes the literary productions and readings differently from those of men. Having coined a new appellation, ‘Gynocritics’ in her cameo, Towards A Feminist Poetics, she contends that the programme of gynocritics is to evolve a female frame work for the analysis of women’s literature and to develop new methods based on the study of female experience rather than to adopt male’s models and theories. In order to diagnose the female difference, the gynocritical approach is sought to study the history, styles, themes, genres and structure of penmanship by women. The writers like, Adrienne Rich and Susan Griffin have also manifested the gynocritical writing.
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