“the Yellow Wallpaper” in Light of Gilbert & Gubar’s “Infection in the Sentence”

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Gilbert, Sandra M. and Gubar, Susan. "The Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends", 2nd ed. Boston : Bedford/St. Martin’s, 1998. Copied under Permission from Access Copyright. Further reproduction, distribution or transmission is prohibited, except as otherwise permitted by law.

Sandra M. Gilbert and
b. 1936

Susan Gubar
b. 1944
Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar are best known for their collaborative explorations of women's literary tradition. They have co-authored The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman …show more content…

not onl y in this chapt r bur in all our readi n o of nineteenth-c ntur literature by w men.
I -eased and infe t d b th sentence' f patriar hy. ye t unable to deny th urgency of that "poet-fi re,,1 "h felt wi thin he rself. what trategie did the wo man writer de elop or 0 ercomin g he r an xie ty of authors hi p. H w did she dance

mother's , her mOlh er' s before , handed do wn like af! heIrl oom ou l hI dden like shameful L I" ell m \'




What does it m ~ an to be a woman writer in a culture whose fundamental de finiti ons f li te rary aut hority are , as we hav e seen. both overtl y and

In!!', sonner r G orge

' G il bert and Gubar allude to Elizabeth Barre t! Brown , and . [Ed·1








out or me looking gl lfitellectual tl1Jggle wh ic h enable the male write r to xplain h i. rebel lt l1usne " bis " e rv in o ," and his "originality" both l hi melf and to th w rid, n matter ho many reader ' think h im "n I q uite n ght" [n , .nsc . lherefore. he c nceal hi rev o lut ionary e ne r ie nly ,0 that he may more p weifull.' reveal them . and werves o r [ be ls so that he ma y tri um ph b y fo un d ino a new ' rder, ince his ~trugg l e ag inst hi precursor is a " baul ' of strong equal ' ." For the woman wri t r. howe ver. conce ' Imem IS not a m ilitary g wre but a strat

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