Letters From Iwo Jima Analysis

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Through war opposing sides of an issue are able to come to a conclusion about a dispute or difference without the correct answer actually mattering. These opposing sides come to his conclusion through force, and this force is made up of selfless, courageous men and women from one of the sides of an issue. The people that make up this force are treated as mere pawns to the government and these soldiers are known as simply a number. Soldiers in the army are treated as pawns to the higher ups in the government and are willingly sacrificed for the success of the mission. Generals, Dictators, Presidents, and other leaders will do anything to accomplish their goals even if they have to sacrifice the men and women who courageously fight for their leader. To the leader as long as the war has reached their goal, then the ends justify the means. This view on war being successful does not include the deaths and pain that has come with it, but simply is focused on the other side surrendering or admitting defeat. The movie’s, Flags of our fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima are littered with examples of this mistreatment of soldiers. From the higher ups sacrificing, disrespecting, and lying to their own troops. In the film, Flags of our Father, in the beginning scene…show more content…
The men were forced to leave their homes and move to Iwo Jima to protect the land because of its cultural importance to the Japanese people. The main character Saigo showed how unfair the entire process of being forced to go out to war was. The Kempeitai or the secret police of the Japanese government took everything from Saigo and his pregnant wife that he had to leave. He used to run a bakery and in the film the Kempeitai took everything from Saigo, even his ovens. Once he was not worth more than his body being able to operate in war, the government sent him off to defend Iwo
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