Letters From The Person Who Calls Himself ' T '

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In total, there are twenty-four letters from the person who calls himself 'T '. I know because I poured over the contents of each one, horrified by every threat he had made to my mother. The closer the letters get to the current date, the more graphic and disturbing the subjects are. He 's getting angrier, whoever this person is. The key pieces from all of the letters include Mom betraying him in some way. They also mention things about loving her so much, but I know it isn 't my father. My father 's name is Dean Larkin. The person who wrote these letters has a 'T ' somewhere in their name, at least, I predict they do. The only problem with that is, who could this person be? And why are they hurting Mom like this? One thing I know for certain is, 'T ' has to be my stalker. I don’t think Mom and I would have different people threatening each of us at the same time, there’s just no way. After reading through the letters, I had put them back under Mom 's mattress so she won 't suspect that I know about them. Is this what she 's been hiding from me? She knows who my stalker is, even though she won 't admit it. You 'd think she 'd at least tell the police the guy 's name for my sake, but no. Nothing of the sort has been mentioned, well, at least not when I’m around. I 'm tempted on confronting Mom about the letters, but I know that even if I do, she won 't tell me anything different than she has been the whole two months we’ve been here. I can tell by the way she

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