Searching for Answers to a Serial Killer, Ted Bundy Essay

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What makes a person want to kill or harm another individual? What can make someone reach their breaking point, and want to harm another person? The following report your about to read will take you on a journey. You will learn who “Ted Bundy” is and why he chose to live a double life. Ted was a special individual who only killed women he had a soft spot for them. Ted Bundy was like a tiger in the wild and women was his prey. When he went out he always went for vulnerable women. Ted would sweet talk them until they trusted him then he would wait until their alone and he would kill them. In the following paragraphs you will learn about Ted Bundy’s past where he came from, what type of parents he had, and the way he was raised. Why did Ted …show more content…

Ted was feeling resentment towards his mother for lying about who his parents was, and for finding out by his cousin instead of her.

Ted Bundy told interviewers that his grandfather was aggressive and abusive. He through his younger daughter down the stairs because she overslept. He abused thee family dog and tortured their neighbor’s cats. When it was time for to talk about the paternity for Ted he was very aggressive because he didn’t want to discuss it. Whenever he talked about his grandmother he always said nice things about her. He said that she was a very timid woman but she was also going to treatments because she was depressed. He was afraid to leave her alone because he didn’t know what might happen. When Ted was younger he showed signs of deadly behaviors. When his aunty was asleep he put knives all around her bed and she felt someone standing over her. As she woke up she saw Ted standing over her holding a Knife and smiling ever since that day she was afraid of him.

In 1950 Ted and his mother Eleanor left Philadelphia and she changed her name she didn’t want any more connections with her family. While living in Tacoma, Washington Ted mother met and married Johnny Culpepper Bundy. Johnny adopted Ted because he wanted Ted to know that he wanted them to be close. Ted felt that Johnny wasn’t his father and never will be. Eleanor and Johnny had four children together, and Johnny tried to include Ted in everything that

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