Letting Teenagers Sleep A Little Later By Aaron Carroll

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Would starting school later in the day be beneficial for students and society? This is the issue explored by Aaron Carroll in his article “The Economic Case for Letting Teenagers Sleep a Little Later”. While his conclusions are sound and well-founded, his factual analysis tends to negate the personal experiences that are so compelling early in his article, and thus weaken the personal appeal and connections to his thesis.
In his article Mr. Carroll delves into the benefits and detriments to a later start time in schools, and he makes the argument that the benefits from a later start time to the individual student and society as a whole substantially outweigh any increased financial cost incurred in making a later start time a reality …show more content…

By using these personal experiences, Carroll builds credibility on the subject by showing he is close to the subject.
Once he has established a personal connection, Carroll then uses statistics to build further foundation for his argument. Carroll quotes facts and statistics that show a later start time would not only be economically feasible, but would in fact introduce additional revenue to the economy. Some examples of this are when Carroll attempts to calculate the economic benefit from a later start time for schools and then further attempts to show by analysis that society as a whole benefits economically from pushing back school times. Carroll uses these facts and figures to try to further convince the reader that moving back school start times would be of financial benefit as well as personal benefit to the student.
The main body of Carroll’s argument is his use of facts and figures to persuade the reader that school times are too early, and that moving them back would be beneficial to the economy as a whole. However, Mr. Carroll over uses the figures in his article in his attempt to establish the economical viability of moving school start times. Once he begins to refer to the problem on an economic level Carroll loses the personal element to his argument. The facts do hold a place in the argument, they provide an important safety net which allows Carroll

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