Lev Vygotsky And The Sociocultural Theory Of Development

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The nature versus nurture debate has been argued since the beginning of the discovery of biology and human evolution. And to this day continues to be a controversy that continues to be highly debated by psychologists and biologists. A fundamental individual is Lev Vygotsky who developed and introduced the Sociocultural Theory of development that was heavily dependent on the influence of environmental factors—such as social groups, culture and institutions—on the cognitive development of children. Although Vygotsky constructed his theory during the late 1920s to early 1930s, it did not gain popularity till “the recent translation and republication of his work into English in 1962” (Burkholder and Peláez 2000). The development of Vygotsky’s …show more content…

Summary Since Vygotsky’s theory on development has gained more popularity and acknowledgement there has been numerous ways, many have adopted Vygotsky’s theory and incorporated its fundamentals into different aspects of development. According to Jaramillo from Arizona State University, Vygotsky’s theory became the framework to the development of the constructivist theory (1996). Although these are relatively different theories, Vygotsky advocated a learning environment that focuses mainly on the interactions between peers and teachers. And similar to this, the constructivist’s view on education focuses on students independently constructing their own view of the world (Jaramillo 1996). Vygotsky’s influence was not simply on the how people understood development but also how others evolved and developed their own theories. Thus, theories of development continue to evolve and a better understanding of how development occurs in an individual is acquired. Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory also altered the method at which people, communities and nations handle conflicts and promote peace. Through the sociocultural theory’s essential goal to understand a person’s behavior and their cultural worlds (Wagoner 2014) conflicts can be avoided. By applying the sociocultural theory, Brady Wagoner of Aalborg University in Denmark, established a model that focuses “on the transformation of ideas, their implementation

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