Leveraging The Capabilities Of Service Oriented Decision Support Systems

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Demirkan, H., & Delen, D. (2013). Leveraging the capabilities of service-oriented decision support systems:Putting analytics and big data in cloud. Decision Support Systems, 412-421.

In the current time, the growth, as well as success of all the organizations and business firms depends only on the use of effective information system and development within the organization. The companies are making more profits and generating highest revenues and achieving competitive advantages through the use of information system and development. Hence, in todays more competitive and challenging business era, information system and development is the basis need for the organizations in order to perform all the functions of the …show more content…

At the same time, the primary objectives in the context of this paper are listed as below:
• To critically evaluate and analyze the innovate methods and ways in the context of ISD
• To understanding and knowledge of ISD practices, ISD body of knowledge
• To explore the ISD analytical frameworks
• To critical analysis of skills in reviewing an academic research paper

Critical Analysis
Fong, Fong, & Li (2011) states, the use of information technology provides a lot of tangible and intangible benefits to the organizations so that they can be benefited with information system and generates more sources of success. In addition to this, it should also be noted down that, in the world of globalization, it is essential to business firms and other organization to use different methods and innovative ways of information technology and system development in order to survive in the fast growing market (Demirkan & Delen, 2013). Service-oriented believing is one of the quickest developing standards in data innovation, with pertinence to numerous different teaches, for example, bookkeeping, account and operations. Developing learning of information and communication technology (ICT) outline, execution, stockpiling, transmission and reuse alongside the development of web is making chances to design data advances into administration connections that make new esteem.

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