Lewiss Model Argumentative: Analysis Of The Richard Lewis Model

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First of all,the Lewis Model Argumentative essay show us that Lewis plots countries in relation to three categories : Linear-actives, Multi-actives and Reactives .And then give us some introductions about what the different between there three different categories and Lewis gave a detailed introduction to the specific content of these three categories .He help the reader understand how different concepts of time , the relevance of status and power in shaping organizational structure meetings and social gatherings , all influence how interactions with a specific culture can be made effective. People of different cultures share basic concepts .The point of all of this analysis is to understand how to interact with people from different cultures.In …show more content…

The details given in The Lewis Model are helpful for our life .In each country we contact their history . The cultures and values are given their due respect.At present,cultures become more unconventional and richly colorful.From the Lewis model we can know about that the culture of the world is a diversification and it is regular for leaning. According to British linguist Richard Lewis plots countries in relation to three categories,We can using the information of the Lewis Model to deal with the relevant different country's communicative culture.“By focusing on the cultural roots of national behavior ,both in society and business , we can foresee and calculate with a surprising degree of accuracy how others will react to our plans for them,and we make certain assumptions as to how they will approach us,”Lewis writes. In business cooperation, ahead of schedule is very important, so that your partner can feel your professional. In cross-cultural management, as Lewis said, we can make a good preparation and response through The Lewis Model. This is a great help to the cooperation between different cultural enterprises. Communication is the basis of cooperation, and cultural communication is necessary to business cooperation or daily communication . So we need strengthen cultural exchanges and improve cultural exchanges in order to make cooperation more smoothly. So The Lewis Model is beneficial to the world's economic development and social development. We can not be too rigid and stereotypes to all the culture . It is correct that consider the impact of flexible use of the information in the Lewis model during the cross-cultural management. So the Lewis model is worthy of us to research and

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