Lexicon Of Lies

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In Caroline Jack’s essay “A Lexicon of Lies,” she explores the complex line between propaganda and advertising. Within this blurred line, there are aspects of the definition that overlap and make it hard to distinguish between the two. The explanation of these differences depends on the particular words chosen and the way in which the material is conveyed. Advertisement and propaganda are terms that are both linked to the promotion of objects and ideas in a specific way to attract a certain group of people. Propaganda is the promotion of viewpoints and advertising is the promotion of goods or services. While both forms are used to persuade an audience in some form.
The distinction between advertising and propaganda is dependent upon whether
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With promotions referring to the foundation as a “hydrating, vitamin infused formula that gives your skin a luminous glow” the truth behind it is the ingredients in the bottle cannot even be pronounced by most teens that wear a coat of the foundation each day. The idea that to be considered beautiful by others you must have hydrated skin and must cover your natural skin to make it appear perfectly. Those who choose not to wear makeup are outcasts from the rest of the population of the mold of the ideal female that is created by our society. At first glance, the advertisement of the makeup seems harmless, but once you see the hidden propaganda you can see the harm present in the…show more content…
Misinformation results when false information is given out of error. This area can even include mistakes made due to time constraints. For news reporters it is crucial to be the first one with the most current big story. With time a key factor, it becomes common to make mistakes such as misprints or misinterpretation of the situation. The example that Jack uses to distinguish the two from one another is when the Daily Express tweeted false information. It could be determined that it was misinformation due to the reaction that followed the mistake. After time revealed the true events that took place in the situation contradicted the tweet the tabloid wrote, the tweet was deleted and updated to reflect the correct events. The haste to be the first to comment caused the
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