What Makes Advertising Effective?

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Executive Summary (300 words) The aim of this literary review is to look over the knowledge and ideas that have been established on the topic of what makes advertising effective, and to discuss their strengths and weaknesses, using a critical approach of it. In order to do that, we have based effective advertising on three categories (environment, message strategy and media strategy) and, inside these categories, we will explain five factors that influence greatly the effectiveness of advertising. These factors are: • Market research. • Target market. • Positioning. • Message appeal (emotional and rational). • Un factor sobre Media Strategy: Originality? Moreover, we have analysed deeply a specialist area of advertising, the broadcast media marketing in the automobile industry, and tried to notice if this is effective nowadays. The outcomes prove that… Table of Contents Executive Summary (300 words) 1 Part 1. General factors that affect advertising 2 Introduction 2 A. Environment 2 B. Message strategy 4 C. Media strategy 5 Recommendations 5 Conclusions 5 Part 2. Broadcast media marketing as an effective advertising tool in the automobile industry: Purposes, benefits and risks 6 A. Introduction 6 B. Body 6 C. Recommendations 6 D. Conclusions 6 List of references 6 Appendix 7 Part 1. General factors that affect advertising Introduction Advertising is a very alive fact in today’s world, having become one of the key pieces of the relationship between consumers and businesses.
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