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• dislikes ::
✧ being touched - she likes her personal space and will slap you if you touch her without permission
✧ bugs - she hates them. she will cry if one lands on her, for real ✧ math - she sucks at it and is so glad she isnt take that class in college
✧ cheap stuff - since she is a very high matience and classy person she prefers expensive items.
✧ being too hot - she starts sweating and she hates sweating.
✧ small spaces - since she hates being touched she HATES small spaces. it just makes her feel uncomfortable
✧ body odor - because it doesnt smell the best and will straight up tell you if you smell bad
✧ sports - since she hates sweating she'll definetly hate sports. she likes to watch them for being in them is another thing.
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for example, THINKIN 'BOUT YOU is a salty bitch while lexus is a spoiled bitch. also, since THINKIN 'BOUT YOU is very friendly she is the kind of person lexus needs in her life. lexus has been surrounded with fake and "bad" people her whole life. she needs someone with an uplifting personality to make her feel better. lexus would also have fun with her since THINKIN 'BOUT YOU is a party animal and lexus loves going out and meeting new people and making new connections. also they both are experienced if ya kno what i mean aye ;)

• least closest acquaintance from the slots ::
— MOONLIGHT because she is the person everyone thinks lexus is. her family thinks she is exactly how MOONLIGHT is - a good girl. when in reality lexus isnt like that at all. she is the person she WISHES she could be for her family and hates it. she also doesnt like her since she is too pure. she feels like MOONLIGHT is always trying to show off how pure and innocent she is (when she doesnt actually do that, its just in lexus's …show more content…

since seungri owns a very sucessful restaurant chain in South Korea he is very dedicated and compassionate. he loves being in control - much like lexus - and is a people's person. on the outside he has this persona of a confident, outgoing, happy, guy everyone loves. he is classy yet is always the one who gets the party started. but he is very dishonest and deceitful as you may know since he is cheating on his wife of two years with a girl much younger and prettier. he treats lexus like she is sooo special. he spoils her (like the sugardaddy he is) and makes her feel like she is more superior than his wife, hell, he even said that he cares for her more than his wife. no wonder she fell in love with him. he is a very good liar and can make people do whatever he wants them to do and thats what makes him dangerous. he treats lexus like she is the most precious thing in the world -which she has never felt before - and tells her he loves her and shit but then the next moment he tells her not to fall in love with him. LIKE WHAT. he is the master of mind games basically. he also skips dates and blames it on work when in reality he is at home with his wife. he is also very seductive and sexy. he can just drink water and make it look sexy. he is also very stylish and always dresses very

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