Liability Exposure Within Multiple Businesses

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There is always liability exposure within multiple businesses, There is always the personal risk of exposure to liability, this is considerably high; being a sole proprietor, they assumes unlimited personal liability, also for breach of contract lawsuits. Under this business entity all personal assets or put at risk for the sake of the organizations itself. liability deal with certain responsibilities of one party or a group of an organization that deals with financial compensation, a sole proprietorship is a business or business owned and operated by one individual (Mancuso, 2014).
A number of business operations and behaviors can create liability exposure for diverse organizational structures. There is limited partnership in some businesses this is being sued for breach of contract, there is personal risk of exposure to liability, it can be moderate to a general partnership, this can mean property, now, and severe liability can mean individual property that is levied on partnership property that has been exhausted. Liability is not always based on intentional actions or even being negligence, sometimes liability can even be a way to brokers the peace between certain parties, rather than an injured party using more serious action (Mancuso, 2014).
There is always a personal risk of exposure to liability, this is considerably high; both the partnership property (organizational assets) and individual assets are at risk; however, only a portion of the lawsuit

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