Liberal Art Schools Worthiness Essay

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Education is like the base that structures societies’ values and morals. Back in the old days, the importance of education was just for the people who want to know more about a particular subject. Furthermore, education was the main interest for the people who want to revolutionize the industry of education. Nonetheless, with capitalism everything has changed. The most important change was the importance of education. Suddenly, huge cooperation took place and required a set of standards for anybody who wants a good job in that system. Thus, of course, more and more people started to realize that education is the only way for them to live in capital societies. Today, collage standards expand and people discovered that some institutes are …show more content…

At the end, controversialists will always argue these parallel issues because giving students the education that they need is one of their rights that nobody can object. First of all, liberal art school is becoming more and more expensive so that it exceeds students’ ability to afford it. It is one of the problems that capitalism caused. In a capitalistic society, students by themselves are not able to afford liberal art schools and the way out to afford it is just like the way in to not being able to afford it in students’ later life. For example, the way out to afford collage is students loans, but at the same time it is the way in for not being able to afford collage tuition for the rest of students’ lives. Here is an example, at these days usually students loans is not paid in full until students get very old in age. Moreover, it’s more expensive for international students since they pay sometimes four times what a native students pay. In a sense, it is a disaster for some. For example, international students pay between eight to twelve thousand per quarter and that is a huge amount of money. Even when the students want to attend the liberal art school as a part time, still the cost of the individual classes is very high if you consider the US economy status. For example, a student cannot live a sustainable life when he/she takes two classes that would exceed a thousand dollars in terms of cost and still expected to take care of his/her other needs. Moreover, with

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