Liberalism and Its Key Values

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In the study of Liberalism and its key values, those of Democracy and Social Justice have often been posited as providing the world with an ideology and political philosophy which can guarantee peace between its adherents. The ‘Democratic Peace’ has been formulated in order to illustrate a world in which democratic states do not engage in war between each oth-er as fellow democrats live with a stable and historically unique form of government. This essay shall explore whether it is acceptable that one can portray ‘liberal democracy’ in par-ticular as universally applicable in a standard form. This is a central tenet of the democratic peace theory and as such requires questioning to determine whether or not liberalism is indeed a force peace in world politics. Furthermore, it shall look at many pieces of postcolonial International Relations (IR) theory, engage with democratic peace theory directly, as well as some contemporary examples of liberal actions in order to assess the peaceful state, thus far, of liberalism. It is my argument that although the democratic peace theory does portray the best intentions of those Liberal States who actively engage in world politics, it is not, howev-er, accurate in portraying liberalism as a whole as peaceful. Instead by accepting and discuss-ing the peace between liberal nations, it fails to highlight and in fact sometimes seeks to hide the more aggressive and warring actions of liberals against those from outside of the para-digm.


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