Liberty And Justice In Native Son By Richard Wright

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Liberty and Justice For All
In the mid-1800’s, blacks legally got freedom and equality under the law, but some argue that they are still not treated equally today. In the book, Native Son, Richard Wright shows the racism and unequal treatment towards blacks in the city of Chicago. Bigger obtains a job being a chauffeur for a white family. The job only lasts a few hours because he murders their daughter, Mary Dalton. As Bigger goes through a trial, Mr. Max learns a lot about Bigger and how his life led to his actions. Mr. Max explains how the horrible treatment towards blacks impacts them more physically and emotionally than one can see by just looking at someone. The United States does not live up to the promise of “liberty and justice for all” because whites accuse blacks for terrible things without any evidence; blacks pay higher rent for the same apartments, and blacks are segregated from certain schools and jobs. First, when Bigger returns to the Dalton’s house after bringing Mary where she requests, he realizes she is unquestionably drunk. He is unsure if he should help her because if he is caught with her at the time of night, he would be fired. When he sees that Mary is incapable of getting herself to her room, he decides to help her. Bigger nervously helps Mary and thinks “If her father saw him here with her now, his job would be over” (Wright 82). Whites would accuse him of raping or trying to hurt her because of his race, when his only intention is to help her

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