Lidl- Integrated Marketing Campaign

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Middlesex University , BA Marketing

LIDL Integrated Marketing Campaign

MKT2232 Branding and Integrated Marketing Communications
Module leader: Moustafa Battor

Students | Name | Student Number | | Nils Wurl | M00367256 | | Mihaela Palca | M00378081 | | Maedh Marsha Zambrano | M00384704 | | Sara-Sofia Broberg | M00373321 |

Seminar tutor | Dinesh Nanayakkara | Time | Monday | 1pm to 2pm |


1. Introduction 3

2. Situational Analysis 4
2.1 PEST Analysis
2.2 SWOT Analysis
2.3 Current IMC Analysis
2.4 Competitors Analysis

3. Marketing Strategies 9
3.1 Marketing strategies
3.2 Target Market
3.3 Campaign Objectives

4. Campaign 11 5.1 Theme,
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Additionally it provides information about the budgeting, schedule and evaluation of the campaign.

2. Situational Analysis
2.1 PEST

2.1.1 Political factors

Verdict & SAS (2013) states that global food prices look set to continue to rise in the next year. Increases in grain prices are having a knock-on effect on wheat, meat and dairy, while rising fuel prices will continue to exert an upward pressure on supply chain and logistics costs.

2.1.2 Economic factors

Due to the recession the discounter grocers are booming. Lidl’s market share has gone up to 2.6 % according to the data from Kantar Worldpanel. (Kantar Worldpanel, 2012).

2.1.3 Social/Cultural factors

Due to the ageing population, the 65 + will account approximately 12 million in 2015 which is about 18% of the population in the UK. (Verdict & SAS, 2012) Furthermore, home delivery and local shopping will play a much greater role for grey consumers as they are less mobile. Therefore, they are just as likely to use technology as younger consumers as new technology is more user friendly now. (Verdict & SAS, 2012) According to Verdict, middle income shoppers are more and more seeking discounters as the inflation brings a new attitude to value. The price is still important but products must offer more than low prices to be perceived as good value. As a result, good value for groceries is a
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