Life Before Women's Rights Movement Essay

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Imagine being afraid to walk out of the house in the morning, living a life in fear of being attacked or beaten. Envision being told constantly that the only purpose of life is to clean the house and make babies. What kind of life is that? Many women around the world face these challenges everyday! Americans are often sheltered and do not really think about how different it could be. Women have been treated very different from the beginning of time. Life before women's rights movements and activists was terrible. Women were discriminated against and looked down on in a very hurtful way. They could not even do the simple like vote or get a quality education because men believed that the only purpose women serve is to be a home body. It is hard for American women in today's society even believe what went on, better yet think that the ways of life back then are still present in some cultures. Slowly things have started to change and women have gotten more rights and overall life has changed drastically in some spots. In America things have changed for the better, however in the more poorer cultures they are at a standstill. Life for women back then was unimaginable. Men did not believe that women were capable of …show more content…

This is when the mentor archetype would come into play. A teacher or a role model would then go into these countries and try to help make women better understand their potential and help them get to be the best that they could. The mentor would go and tell the men what these women are capable of in hopes to allow the men to change their points of view. However the only way for the mentor to know what is going on in the world he or she would have to read writings from other cultures and do a little research. I know that writing this is a lot easier said than done but it could make a big difference in the way the world is to grow and get

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