Life Can Bring Out The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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Life can bring out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most people can identify one person who shares these three traits. Heroes usually take the form of the good, while villains take the form of the bad or even the ugly. However, one thing remains certain. Most people who are brought up to become heroes are unsung heroes. They are not famous, nor recognized for their deeds. Instead, this breed of heroes commits themselves to the greater good, not to the fame or extravagant lives some heroes eventually live. Ho Chi Minh is one example of this. His actions throughout the course of his life were for the greater good of the Vietnamese people. In the year 1890, a person whose name will be known throughout the world was born. His name was…show more content…
His childhood was where his beliefs were nurtured, and it makes up an important part of his life. Ho Chi Minh is known for bringing independence to Vietnam. His first instance of his fight for independence was when he took part in protests against the French in 1908. As a result of this, he was expelled from the National Academy in Hue where he was studying. He then moved to Southern Vietnam where he became a school teacher in 1909. After 2 years of teaching, he decided to work as a cook at a French Steamship Company. For two years he traveled the world on a steamship and visited ports all across Europe, North America, Russia, and China. From this, he learned French, Chinese, Thai, Chinese, Russian, and English. These skills would help him later in life. When World War 1 broke out, he left his job and worked in London as the chief Pastry Chef for a famous French chef that was in London. He influenced his co-workers to be sympathetic to the Vietnamese cause. This gives us insight on how persuasive he was, and how his social skills helped him greatly. People working with him described him as an “an ambitious man”. After working in London, he moved to France where he would become a full-fledged communist. He became a symbol of the Vietnamese community in France and was one of the founders of the French socialist party. Many Frenchmen he met were impressed by his ability to speak French fluently. He even went up to Woodrow Wilson in Versailles
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