Life Changing Comprehensive Social Security Assistance

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The life-changing Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) In October, I just turn 18. In this 18 years, there are some events that have a great impact on me. Between those events, I think that getting the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) from the Hong Kong government is the one which really change my life. It effects my life in both positive and negative ways. As its name implies, CSSA is a scheme to help the underclass and working poor. Under the scheme, the CSSA recipients will get certain amount of payment from the government monthly. The amount varies based on the age, household size and the health of the recipients. There are also supplement such as the single parent Supplement and the residential care supplement to those in need. My family have received the assistance since I was 8 years old. Before that, my father was an unlicensed itinerant hawker who sold clothes in the streets as the government do not grant hawker licenses since 1970s. My father went to work every early, at 3 am. Thus every time I woke up, he has gone. Being an unlicensed hawker is tough in Hong Kong, they need to worry about if there are customers. However, the most important thing is to avoid the hawker control teams. If they are found unlicensed by the team, they will be sent to the court and fined. Moreover, all of their goods will be confiscated. The income of my family was unstable at that time. It depends on whether my father was lucky or not. If he got caught
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