Life, Especially That Of The Human Variety, Has Many Interconnected

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Life, especially that of the human variety, has many interconnected meanings, one of the most commonly cited being its biological definition as “the condition that distinguishes animals, plants, and other organisms from inorganic or inanimate matter, characterized by continuous metabolic activity and the capacity for functions such as growth, development, reproduction, adaptation to the environment, and response to stimulation” ( Although philosophical and personal interpretations of the meaning of life may modify and expand on this definition, one indisputable fact is that life has continued on this earth chiefly through sexual reproduction. The two are intrinsically linked. As earthly species have evolved to produce …show more content…

It it is difficult, if not impossible, to make informed decisions when one’s education on a subject is incomplete, misleading, flat-out inaccurate, or nonexistent. Before a young adult is permitted to operate a motor vehicle without adult supervision, they are required by law to undergo months of preparation, learning about the importance of safety and discretion on the road. In contrast, youth often encounter their first sexual desires, and even sexual partners, without adequate preparation. These two activities differ in that unprotected sexual activity is not and cannot be regulated by law enforcement the way that unlicensed driving is. Instead, religious institutions have endeavored to police the choices of women through the implementation of abstinence-only-until-marriage (AOUM) curricula. The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 allocated $50 million to abstinence-only sexual education, that, among other things, taught “abstinence outside of marriage as the expected standard” and “the only certain way to avoid pregnancy [and sexually transmitted infections,]” states a 2011 Psychology in the Schools article (Walcott, et. al., 829). It is unclear whose best interest such a curriculum has at heart. The primary aim of

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