Life Has Learned In My Life

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At the age of six I had not given much thought about life and death, but this day changed that. As a baby, I cannot imagine all the things I did that put myself in danger. I was completely unaware of the consequences of my actions. As a child, I was playful, innocent, and cheerful. Throughout my years of growing up I have learned many lessons through life. Only a few events happened before this one that I can remember. On my 6th birthday, life could have been lost, and from that I learned to always be careful and that life can change in an instant. First, I woke up Saturday afternoon. Since it was Saturday, I slept longer than usual. Today was the day chosen to celebrate my birthday, which was actually a few days before. It was my 6th birthday party. My parents and I decided that the party would take place at our home. We invited all our neighbors and friends. I was young, energetic, and ready to enjoy life. Next, I got out of my Rugrats sheet covered bed. I headed down the narrow and white hallway to the living room. I greeted my parents and had a small breakfast. I ate scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. After eating I asked my parents if I could ride my bike with friends before coming back home. My parents agreed that was ok. I went into the garage to get my blue, new, Mongoose bicycle. My bicycle was a gift from my parents, which I received on my birthday. After returning home from bike riding, I got an hour of rest before the party was ready to begin. I exited

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