Life In Herot And Beowulf

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Life in Herot is very different from the real world comparison explained in Life in 999. Life in Herot golden, and gilded whereas in the real world equivalent it would have been more dull, and less shiny. The life people lived in 999 was very different than the one depicted Beowulf. Beowulf in his own story seems to be this shiny hero come to take the riches and fame that come along with monster slaying. Beowulf takes pride in his riches, well in those times gold was a very rare commodity showing the wealth of someone who owned gold was very important, and having lots of gold meant you had a lot of money to spare, which in those times riches were only spared so that you could fight for that person. Beowulf has lots of gold and his men are well equipped when this battle with Grendel begins. Most soldiers of the time could look upon them as being some great warriors to follow such a man into battle. Beowulf could keep his country fed, unlike most kings at the time really could. In Herot, the life explained in the epic depicts a great hall filled with long tables, golden chalices, fire pits a plenty, and a king's high chair gilded with gold and jewels. The life in Herot is shown as the place to be in the land. The one where warriors feast after a great conquest, and where you entertain great lords and kings for fun. Herot is this almost palace like place. However most great halls at the time of Beowulf’s creation were not as gilded as depicted in Beowulf. Beowulf himself is

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