Life Is Better For Teenagers Now Than It Has Ever Been Before

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‘Life is better for teenagers now than it has ever been before.’ Do you agree? Introduction: How many times have you heard the terms ‘worst generation’, ‘kids these days’ or ‘back in my day’ used by the older groups? These are some derogatory terms used by older generations to describe the youths and younger generations of our world today. Many members of the older generation believe that teenagers today are juveniles and delinquents compared to teenagers in the past. Despite all this many youths believe that a teenager’s life now is better than it has ever been in the past. A few reasons below prove the case that life as a teenager now is better than ever. Body Paragraph 1: ->education If you were to ask a teenager today why they believed lives of teenager now are better than back then most would think of one answer. Chances are, they would say that the education available to teenagers now is better than it was back in the late twentieth century. Many aspects of life have changed since the twentieth century, changing for the better. One of these aspects is in the form of the education offered. Schooling in the 1900s was very different to now, with corporal punishment being allowed in the 1900s. Corporal punishment was a form of punishment where deliberate pain or discomfort was caused to students usually by striking the students’ buttocks or hands with an implement that may have included a cane, paddle and yardstick as well as other weapons. From the start of the
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