Life Is Exciting In My Life

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My life isn't all that exciting. I don't have any dragons to fight or superpowers to get. I’m just me. Just Alex. I’m just here, on a rock, in space, in a galaxy. I’m 11 years old, I have one devil sister, one dad, and one dog. I have a really short haircut and I’m such a tomboy. My mom always use to tell me that…. I’m getting off topic! You’re about to take a look into, the not so amazing life so Alex! “You’re life is not boring!” Sam reinsisted. I have never been particularly interested in my life, it’s just too depressing. My mom has been absent most of it…. I’m getting off topic again! So what’s not boring about it, I bet I’m even boring you! “Bye Sam!” I gave her a fake smile and walked into my house, there was that devil sister of mine waiting for me. “W-Where’s dad?” I asked, horrified of the response that awaited me. “Grocery shopping!” She smirked. I felt all the color and warmth drain from me and I ran to my room grabbing my emergency home alone kit. Whenever I’m home alone with my sister she runs me ragged, asking me to do everything in existence! And if I say no, she wails and wails until my dad gets home. I locked the door in my room and got in my closet to make sure I didn't hear her bribes. My dad would be gone for at least three hours, I had enough snacks and entertainment to survive. I opened my laptop to watch Netflix, the closet was cramped. Shoes jabbed at my back, but anything was better than being with the devil child downstairs. Then all
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