Life Is Funny

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Justin Merriweather September 25, 2013 Reader Response Journal Life is Funny by E.R Frank 1. There were parts of the book that made me laugh, sad, and have much sympathy for the characters. One encounter is when PPPPPP parents were fighting and PPPPPP dad would beat on his mother. She didn’t any one to know that her husband was beating her. PPPPPP is always around when she is getting beaten by his dad. He tells his dad to stop, but he doesn’t listen until PPPPP calls the police one day to get rid of his dad. Another incident is when QQQQQ is raped by her dad as a little girl. On weekends she would go over her dads and she would come home crying and sick, because of what he did to her. Her mother never really listened to her,…show more content…
The title of the book fits the plot of the story very well, because life really is funny. The way that they met each other was through ways to better themselves. It’s funny how lots of people go through things in their daily life they have to deal with, but you would never know unless you sat down and got to know that person. Some people try to just hide it all and pretend that everything is okay when it really isn’t. The story was told from more than one point of view. It was astonishing how it all fit together, but to understand what was going on you had to pay close attention and be focused. 3. Most pars of the book seem very believable to me, because these types of situations can happen to any human being. Things such as people committing suicide, getting raped, beaten, or peer pressure are all real things people deal with everyday. They can have long term effects on you weather they’re good or bad. If I could make all these things unrealistic I would, but unfortunately it’s more than I can bare and beyond my control. I do believe that it could happen to anyone at any given point in time. Hopefully most people don’t have to go through these types of situations. 4. The thing that makes me wonder in this book is life itself. It makes you think about how many people are going through these types of situations that you see everyday. Some cases can be more severe than others and you could never know. Most people are to
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