Life Journey Of A Decorated Special Forces Marine

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The life journey of a decorated special forces marine, my father Rodney Wayne Simpson. My father grew up in a poverty stricken neighborhood with a non-existent mother who laid in bed all day and a sister who was blind. His grandmother, a major influence in his life, made him see his potential to overcome the situation he was in. My father remembers going over to their house to “get away from it all.”, but on his birthday, she was admitted into the hospital and later pronounced dead. After the passing, my father lashed out against any form of authority, by under age drinking and allowing his grades to drop. During high school to cope with his anger he barely passed his classes in order to play baseball, basketball, track, and…show more content…
Devastated, my father requested approval for resignation from the military. At Kayla’s funeral my father read a letter he wrote to her, “When we say goodbye today we will be leaving with joy, The tears you may see today are not for sorrow but for happiness. My promise today is Kayla, I will meet you in the morning, For they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall fall and not faint. Love you Always, Mommy and Daddy. “ We keep that letter and her belongings in her baby bag which we retrieve from time to time to reminisce of her once beautiful presence. After Kayla’s death my father believed “I must move forward in the joyous direction Kayla has given me.” He re-entered the military and became a parachute instructor, and went on to receive several prestigious awards. “These awards I have received, only few have ever been awarded, I have this plaque here illustrating one of those awards.” During his career as an instructor, he packed a parachute for a soldier whom he was teaching. During a routine run, the young man jumped out of the airplane and fell to his death. Everyone blamed my father, but after investigation it was discovered that the man had suicidal tendencies, and had previously disclosed various ways of killing himself. Although my father knew that it was not his fault he still looks back on it as something he wishes he
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