Life Almost Straight Essay

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“Life Almost Straight”
What is a straight life? A straight life is what almost all adults hope for their life to be. Living life on the straight and narrow, refers to having a healthy and composed life. When you graduate high school you attend college, from there you gain the college experience you begin to feel the freeness of being an adult and when you graduate college you have a degree, which you will pursue a career in the field of your choosing and this will be a career that you love and will retire from. However until retirement you live your life you find love somewhere along the way maybe you found them early in high school or you found them in college or maybe after college, all in all finding them and then preceding to marry the person you fell in love with. Then once the couple is feeling as if there is more room in their hearts and enough financial security, they then decide to have children. All things are prepared and everyone around is supportive, and they decide if they want more than one child or if not. They then grow older and together as a family, picture perfect. That is the life that people trying to live their life on the straight and narrow hope for. However this almost never works; this is what is meant by life almost straight, There is no perfect life, there is often obstacles thrown in the mix. As a teenager you were working a job with at least thirty hours per week while attending high school, and attempting to remain active within your school

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