Life Reflection

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This semester’s FYE course has been very helpful. I have learned many ideas that I can use in everyday life. One such idea that taught me something significant was setting goals. This taught me that creating goals is a way to become motivated. This idea came from Chapter 3 Discovering Self-Motivation. There are two types of goals, short-term and long-term. For a goal to be effective it needs five qualities that include being dated achievable, personal, positive, and specific. An example me creating effective goals is in journal 9. In journal 9 I created a life plan that I intend to save for future reference. A short-term goal that I wrote and achieved already is earning an A in Medical Terminology by October 26. From this idea I learned how to set effective goals.
A second idea that taught me something significant was the power of the four quadrants. The significance of this idea was to determine the urgency and importance of my actions. This idea came from Chapter 4 Mastering Self-Management and the worksheet where we put our daily activities in one of the four quadrants. Doing the worksheet I realized that I spend many hours in quadrant 4 (not urgent and not important). This activities included being on my phone, watching television and reading. I learned a lesson that is repeated throughout the textbook “say no”. This applies to saying no to people and non important activities. It might be hard to say no at first, but it is important to make room for important activities

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