Life Threatening Stress By Tiffany Boyett

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Life Threatening Stress, is an essay written by Tiffany Boyett, that informs the reader about the underlying effects of excessive stress and it’s correlation with early death and life threatening illnesses. Excessive stress defined by the essay, is when the normal response to a perceived threat becomes a constant nuisance and impacts the productivity of one’s life due to the frequent triggers of stress. With that being said, the purpose of Boyett’s essay is to help the reader distinguish when stress becomes life threatening, and the underlying health conditions that surround around unhealthy amounts of stress. In conclusion, overall the essay proves as an effective essay due to the tone, development of ideas and audience awareness. One focal point that makes this essay efficient, is the tone of the essay. Boyett allows for a smooth transition into the topic by providing an anecdote that shows insight to the stress that the average person encounters on an everyday basis. Boyett writes, “At 9:35, with her heart pounding and hands sweating, she scrambled into the classroom, found an open seat, and was hurriedly pulling out her psych notes[…] the prof asked “so precisely what does Jung mean by ‘collective unconscious’”(Boyett 1). This passage utilizes visual imagery to illustrate what daily stress is to the average person and acts as a lead up to the main effects of stress. By having an effective introduction, it engages the reader and helps the reader create a personal

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