Life Without Laws

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Lawless Imagine a world in which laws were non-existent. Stop signs wouldn’t exist, you would never have to wear a seatbelt and you would never get pulled over for speeding. You wouldn't even have to worry about paying your taxes. Do you think a life without laws or rules would be easier? Laws are set in place for everyone in society to maintain balance and order. While it is infeasible to live in the world without rules or laws, it is very possible to be above the law. This essay aims to display the disparity of how the law applies to regular people versus celebrities, police, and politicians.

No matter how much we’d all like to admit it, celebrities play a role in our everyday lives. We love to watch movies with our favorite actors, and listening to music by our favorite singers. Social media and Magazines practically do nothing but talk about the lives of celebrities, mostly praising the way they dress and handle their daily lives. Celebrities are everywhere. They are put on a major pedestal and even seem to get by with things that normal people would not. Celebrities seem to have a sort of immunity. All kinds of celebrities have been involved in criminal acts, but almost always receive a more lenient punishment. Sentencing varies from traffic school, rehab and anger management. It is commonly known that the law is often quite sympathetic to famous people that commit crimes. Most get a slap on the wrist. The O.J Simpson trial is an example of how famous
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