Life in Kenya Essay

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In Kenya there are many problems occurring effecting people every day. These problems have progressively worsened over time. People are making a stand for human rights but is it necessarily enough to stop people from doing critical things to others. There are three specific human rights violations that should be recognized and handled in Kenya. We should care about Kenya because they have lost the right to own things, police brutality and torture is happening to innocent people. But three violations are not even close to cover all the human rights violations in Kenya. Kenya has progressively got worse about these violations over the years and something that would be great is for someone to make a major stand and stop all of the …show more content…

The Police branded them, but also threatened to force them into refugee camps sheltering 550,000 people, then demanded they pay large amounts of money to go free. The Officers also raped women or repeatedly beat them, kicked or punched their victims while calling them terrorists (Simpson). People that resist in turn just turn out for the worst sometimes critically injured or even worse, dead. Officers randomly attacked men, women, and children in their homes and in the streets (You Are…). My opinion is if you want to serve your country so bad why would you want a badge if all you’re going to do is brutally beat your own people, is that what makes them feel good inside because it is really just sickening. Police beating people isn’t really a secret, seems like all of them are against civilians of their own country. Eventually all that will exist in Kenya are the officers and government people if the police don’t stop violating the humans of the streets. Being brutally tortured is another issue in Kenya. People have just gotten progressively worse about this in the world. Torturing happened back in the stone ages, people used to be pulled apart limb by limb or even stoned to death. The point of torturing is to cause as much pain as possible for the victim either for the one torturing them or to do it for something that the victim has done. Either way it is very sickening. In Kenya gang

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