Life of Harship and Suppression in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurtson

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Zora Neale Hurtson’s, Their Eyes Were Watching God, is centered around the life of a woman named Janie who struggles to find her voice. Janie is taken under the care of Nanny, who tries to ensure that Janie is provided with a more promising and fulfilling life than the one Nanny herself has lived. Yet, Janie still faces a life of hardships and suppression. These factors become setbacks for Janie and almost prevent her from living a meaningful life. However, throughout the novel, Janie pursues to finally determine her self-worth and find an everlasting love. Throughout her quest for love, Janie is faced with the arranged marriage of Logan Killicks. At the time, Janie is young and lacks financial security. Because of this, Nanny decides to …show more content…

In this marriage, Janie is viewed more as a possession to Jody rather than his wife. Janie’s freedom of speech and expression is suppressed by Jody (Hurtson 77-85). Due to this marriage, Janie’s hopes of love were shattered once again. The behavior that Jody displays is frequently exhibited by insecure husbands. Often times, these husbands control all aspects of their wives’ lives. For example, these husbands often times dictate what their wives should wear. Many insecure husbands forbid their wives to wear make-up, jewelry, or form-fitting attire. Also, these husbands control their wives’ schedules. They may force their wives to follow a set curfew. Their wives may even face consequences for breaking curfew. Some husbands completely take away their wives’ freedoms and force them to stay home at all times performing necessary household duties. Janie endures her final marriage with Vergible Woods, better known as Tea Cake. Tea Cake is twelve years younger than Janie. Despite the age difference, Janie finds an interest in Tea Cake. However, initially, Janie is afraid of being disappointed for a third time which causes her to be hesitant in building a relationship with Tea Cake. Eventually, Janie overcomes her fear of being hurt and decides to marry Tea Cake. Although Tea Cake ultimately becomes the love of Janie’s life, soon into the marriage, Janie begins to realize Tea Cake’s flaws. Tea Cake has a

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