Life of Idi Amin Essay

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Idi Amin was a soldier first and foremost. He imposed a scheduled and militaristic way of life on his followers. His own military record paints the picture of his rise to power. During British colonization of Uganda Idi Amin began his endeavor into the military. It was in 1946 that Amin enlisted in the King’s African Rifle’s, KAR, the British army in colonized Africa. (Boddy-Evans)
Upon his entry he was placed as assistant cook, a far from glorious position. However he managed to rise through the ranks. He became a Corporal in 1948 and was stationed in Burma, Somalia, and Kenya. This was during the British situation in Kenya that was referred to as the Mau Mau revolt. The Mau Mau gunmen were a secret society of rebels which aimed to over …show more content…

He did so out of fear of being taken out by Obote because he was seen as a threat to the ex-presidents authority. Secondly he performed a coup because he acknowledged that he was capable of gaining a higher status of power. Though there were some attempts on Amin’s administration he remained in office from 1971-1979. (Boddy-Evans) Idi Amin’s time in office was seen as the bloodiest times in his countries history. Like most dictators he ruled with fear. His crimes against humanity are well documented and anything that isn’t is still spread through word of mouth. It was these erratic actions that lead to the downfall of the Ugandan economy. (Idi Amin Killer File)
Obote, the man Amin helped into power prior to his own coup, had a positive effect on the economy. Obote declared a strong national economy with little foreign dependence. Unlike Amin’s administration, these types of statements were not propaganda. In the years of Obote’s financial independence there was an 11% GDP growth in the economy. However Amin’s administration left the country at a negative 0.6% GDP. (Luganda)
Amin was welcomed by most western states such as the United Kingdom and Israel. He was seen as a gentle giant and worthy of going into business with. This was in part due to the fact

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