Lighthouse Project Intership

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Lighthouse Project is a pediatrics mental health clinic that integrates therapies, such as play therapy, to assist children in overcoming problems at home and in school due to their disorders and disabilities. The staff at Lighthouse Project split their time between clinic-based work in their San Jose clinic and school-based work at various Gilroy school districts. At the clinic the staff works strictly with high functioning children, providing both individual and group therapy sessions, similarly, in the school-based setting they do individual and group sessions, however, the individuals worked with are both low and high functioning. The purpose of the Lighthouse Project clinic is to incorporate different programs to engage the child and improve abilities that are debilitating, this is done with programs at the clinic involving social skills development, sensory integration and sensory processing, as well as fine motor/handwriting skills. At the schools the purpose is to close or minimize the gap between how much the child can achieve on their own and what other classmates are able to achieve on their own, the basic ideology is to have the child be able to achieve specific goals that those in their grade level are able to do, such as by first grade the child should be able to cut out outlines on paper with scissor, however some of our children are unable to do so and instead can only manage to snip the paper. Our organization also works with other agencies and individuals.

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