`` Like Water For Chocolate `` By Laura Esquivel

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Forced to Let Go
When you are forced to let go of things, you cannot let them go. In Like Water for Chocolate, it seems as if Tita, the main character, were more of a toy rather than a person who actually has feelings. The book, by Laura Esquivel, is about a girl named Tita who is prohibited to love or marry anyone. However, Tita still she tries to find true happiness with someone she truly loves. Tita had to sacrifice multiple things and couldn’t do much, but because of these limits, she learned a lot of skills and changed from a quiet to rebellious person. Throughout the book, Tita suffers abuse from her mother and a lack of freedom and ability to do anything which allows her character to grow and find out what she was destined for in
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She is meant to be with Pedro, so it is either sacrifice her relationship with her sister or Pedro. Her sister seemed to be a better choice since she was not always good to Tita and because Tita knew Pedro actually loved her. Although Tita is restricted to marry, she still has intentions of being with someone who makes her happy.
Tita, who endures all of her mother’s suffering, has no life and is always working in the kitchen. While she is controlled by her mother, it also leads to her character to change. The author shows how it is painful to give up someone you really care about: “She couldn’t let it happen. They couldn’t take the [Roberto] child away from her now” (81). Tita gets really close with the child of Pedro. It is the closest Tita is to having a life. Having the child taken away symbolizes that Mama Elena just wants Tita to work and have no distractions. Mama Elena may worry that Tita will want to have a child, however, having Roberto move leaves Tita in the desperate world she is in now. In the book, Mama Elena starts screaming at Tita for not working, thinking there was a chick in an egg, therefore resulting in Tita getting slapped and being told to stop acting crazy (27-29). Tita does not want to die doing the same thing repeatedly nor does she want her mom controlling her life, which is why she is the most rebellious child. Tita does recognize that in order for her to be free, she cannot be
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