Lily And Rosaleen: Relationship Between The Book And The Movie

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Lily and Rosaleen throughout the book and the movie seem to have a good relationship. Lily’s mother past away at an early age, Rosaleen was the only female influenced in Lily’s life. Rosaleen helps Lily adapt to her childhood and becomes her only resource information her work has been pretty hard she needs to be like a mother to Lily. Lily and Rosaleen were very close, and although Rosaleen has been the family housekeeper, she always stays with lily and supports her throughout the novel. According to the secret life of bee’s, Lily was motherless and Rosaleen is the adult female in the household, she would always take care of Lily, cooking meals and maintaining the house. She gives Lily love, rescuing Lily from her father’s extreme punishment…show more content…
Even though Lily lived with an abusive parent, and her father and after all she wasn't a very bad kid to have a life she had. In the book and in the movie Rosaleen gets beat up by a group of racists men while she was voting and gets sent to jail for affronting them.Lily did all she could to took her out of jail they both ran away to be safe in a place.Although in my opinion i think Rosaleen was being good to Lily because she liked her as her daughter and everything and their relationship between them was good to me in my circumstances .Lily’s mother passed away when she was young and she didn't have no one around except for Rosaleen so she was the only female to be around Lily that was influenced in her life since she was a little girl.Lily pretty much grew up without a mother and that was pretty hard for her during her childhood but now it’s even harder because it’s getting at a point where she is going to leave the childhood to start being a young adult and mature, And it would be hard for her because she doesn’t have a mother to guide her to that path where she doesn't need to be maintained and guided to a specific point in life although thats why Rosaleen was there for but it won't feel the same for her as another kid unless she takes it that
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