Lima La Horrible By Sebastian Salazar Brody: Summary

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Sebastian Salazar Brody was a Peruvian essayist who examines the national identity of Peru to party of the capital, Lima, in his book "Lima La Horrible." Meanwhile, Ezequiel Martínez Estrada, the author of the head of Goliath, stored in a retrieval system of Buenos Aires, examines the modernization of Buenos Aires through the five senses, in one chapter called "Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste." throughout history, the city was the site of progress and development. Where there was a city had tecnologio, industry, economy, culture, religion, etc. It was a place of modernization, a center of power, but also had negative aspects. For example, there was a large gap between the quality of life in the city and the countryside. In general, the city is a place of many changes.
According to Brody, the city is the place of the Creole people who are the descendants of the Spanish. Their culture is western, its main religion is Catholicism and its language is Spanish. More than anything, the criollo opposed the cultures, customs and traditions of the
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The city was more quiet and less chaotic. I couldn't look at the details of the surroundings, hear the music of flute and guitar, feel the elasticity of the earth with the sole of the foot and smell the scent of the flora. He argues that this way of life still exists in the field, but there is a disproportion between the quality of life in the city and in the field.
On the other hand, Brody argues that there is a mythification of colonial life. Said that, "The colonial myth - it has been said above - hides in the criollo and for half of their negative values excites the idle dream of the golden age of kings, saints, capped, ghosts, Donjuanes and rogues"(Brody 31). This mythifying hides the real inequality that existed in the colonial life that it was a world of castes. The colonial life was not as picturesque as Estrada said. Clearly, they have different visions of the
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