Lincoln Movie Leadership Analysis

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Hunter Anderson
Dr. Fairhurst
Leadership Communication 4008
8 December 2015
Lincoln Essay The year is 1865 and the Civil War death toll has risen just over six-hundred-thousand men. The freedoms sought out by our nation’s founders, now jeopardized by the secession of eleven states from the Union. The fate of The United States of America now laid upon the broad shoulders of our nations sixteenth commander-in-chief, President Abraham Lincoln. In a term marked by the burden of complete social upheaval, Abraham Lincoln was our nation’s foremost leader. The lawyer from Illinois navigated the only internal war in American history by embodying the principals taught by Professor Grint, utilizing a model of distributed leadership to gather …show more content…

Abraham Lincoln further embodies the work of Professor Grint as he illustrates his understanding of the relationship between the increasing uncertainty of a solution to the nations dissimilarities and its requirement of collaborative resolution through his use of nonconventional methods. President Lincoln’s true brilliance in leadership becomes evident in this period as he demonstrates another teaching of Grint’s; Relationships not Structures. Lincoln knew that the core principal in solving the countries problems was simply the power of human relationships. By creating a cabinet full of his closest rivals, President Lincoln displays his emotional intelligence with the quote “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?”. Grint further states that “power is a relationship and change depends on the relationship between leaders and followers… if followers choose not to obey, then the greatest strategy in the world will probably fail.” (Grint 11). These quotes illustrate the social and emotional intelligence that Abraham Lincoln possessed, and depict his unconscious affirmation of the principals taught by Professor Grint. Relationships and the quest for information were the key to success. President Lincoln was a master in his understanding of the importance collaboration held to his unification effort. The initial problem he faced in the film is that of passing the thirteenth amendment by the end of January,

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