Lincoln 's Representation Of Lincoln

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There has been a scant amount of research on how Abraham Lincoln has been illustrated in motion pictures. Yet, movies have a dominant clout on how Lincoln’s images has been established in American popular culture. Movies such as Birth of a Nation, Young Mr. Lincoln, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, and Lincoln have given audiences different glimpses of the sixteenth president. The legend of Lincoln has been created and altered in film in oder to create a hero to fit the times. This paper will focus on “Lincoln” films over a 100 year time plan from Birth of a Nation to Lincoln. This research will also show how and why Lincoln’s representation in film has changed over times. I will also discuss some of the historical context being the Lincoln …show more content…

The word rhetoric has various meanings. Rhetoric can be easily explained as the ways in which signs influence people. As history goes on we see the rhetoric changes over time. Rhetoric has been studied for a countless number of years. The beginnings of rhetoric starts off in the roots of the Western World with the Greeks. Political rhetoric can date back to the days of the Greeks and the Romans. The Roman Republic relief on writing and letters to produce legislation for it’s citizens. The printing press aloud for mass production of political news. The radio made political stories more intimate especially for the listeners at home. Television gave viewers an image of politics in action. Finally the internet brought the world together and made more aware of international news. Rhetoric has always been an essential to political communication for hundreds of years. Movies are not just clips that move and tell a story but, they are also clips that can move an audience. We need movies to open are eyes to the implication our our realities (Brummett, 6). Now we we focus on rhetoric and pop culture. We unknowingly witness rhetoric in everyday life. To first understand how rhetoric influences Lincoln films we must begin looking at one of the building blocks. Everything is a s sign in rhetoric. In the rhetorical world a sign is something that has meaning and can allow us to be remind of something else. Signs will be a crucial

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