Lincoln's Massacre : The Shootings Of The Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre trial was the most important event on March 5, 1770. The Massacre consisted of five deaths, and the trial was suppose to be the deciding factor for those deaths. To this day there are people that think that the redcoats were the people that instigated the shots that were fired, but the others think that it was the mob that started it.
Before the Boston Massacre the moment that the redcoats set foot in Boston, they were constantly at odds with the citizens of the town. The tension between the two seemed to have reached a boiling point. Private Hugh White was under assault by a crowd of boys throwing things like snowballs, oysters, and stones and clubs. As claimed by witnesses, a club flew through the air striking one of the soldiers in the head, causing him to lose his balance and discharge his musket. The rest of the soldiers thought that the order to fire had been given so they discharged their weapons into the crowd. There were five citizens that were on the ground, mortally wounded.
John Adams received a knock on his door the next day. Because nobody else would take the case he was asked to defend the soldiers and Captain Preston. Adams agreed to take the case without hesitation. John Adams believed in upholding the law, and defending the innocent, above all. Adams believed that the soldiers were wrongly accused and that they fired their weapons in self-defense. In Adam's diary, he wrote Samuel Adams, “‘This however is no Reason why the Town should not

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