The Boston Massacre : A Massacre

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After analyzing the video about the Boston Massacre, what it should be called depends all on which side you took. Patriots would have took this as a massacre because, not only would it blame the British, but their people were also considered "slaughtered". Thus, to the Patriots, this would be considered a massacre. However, for the Loyalists and British, this would be considered a riot. A crowd of colonists threw snowballs, stones, oyster shells, and even wood at British soldiers. This was basically a disturbance of peace, or a riot. The soldiers had the right of defending themselves, so I do understand the reasons for shooting, but killing wasn't necessary. In the end however, in my opinion, without being biased to any sides, the Boston Massacre should be considered a riot.

The first reason I believe the Boston Massacre is because of Paul Revere's painting. After studying his painting, I would say it is very inaccurate. Not only was Crispus Attucks not shown as an African American, but Paul Revere shows innocence to the crowd of colonists. It was said that colonists had started by throwing snowballs, but snow is also not located anywhere on the painting. The saying that the Boston Massacre must've started after nine o'clock in the evening may be a false statement too because there is a patch of blue sky showing. I believe the Boston Massacre may actually have started in the morning as the moon can still be up, even during light. Paul Revere's painting was basically an

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