Linda Has No Prior Arrests Or Probation

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Linda has no prior arrests or probation.
Linda was well groomed. The youth wore clean, age appropriate clothing. Her hair pulled away from her face in a ponytail.
I was emotionally, physically and sexually abused. I was emotionally abused by my step-mother. My father physically abused me after marrying my step-mother and my step-brother sexually abused me.
Linda was neatly dressed and well groomed. The youth wore fitted clothing.
Linda was pleasant and wanted to share her school experience about attending the new high school.
Linda has a full range of her motor movement for her age.
Linda had a flat affect. The youth did not display emotions during the assessment.
Linda was calm completing the assessment.
Linda spoke fast, low and mumbled. The youth’s tone was normal. Linda has to repeat herself several times because her speech was unclear.
Linda is intellectually delayed. The youth is 17 years old; however, she functions cognitively as a 13 year old youth. Linda was diagnosed in 2012 with Borderline intellectual.
Linda explained she had several visits to a psychiatric treatment center. The youth stated she lost count of the number of visits. Most visits because she threatens self-harm. She did have a past problem of cutting her forearms.
Linda denies any health concerns at this time.
Linda receives medical care from the MUSC Foster Care Clinic.
Linda takes Ty for headaches.
Linda has no known food, drug or environmental allergies.
Linda denies a family history

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